At Hanley Construction, we know that a leaky or damaged roof can be cause for great frustration. That’s why we have a full-time crew dedicated to roof repairs. Our repairs and maintenance division provides quick response and can take care of any type of repair, from missing shingles to leaks.

Have an emergency? Whether it’s fire, vandalism or weather, we will be there for you quickly.


The secret to a long-lasting roof is regular maintenance. For many homeowners, inspecting their own roof is not practical and may even be unsafe. We offer a maintenance program that takes the gutter cleanup and other tasks out of your hands and puts them into the hands of our trained professionals, safely and conveniently.

We offer:

  • A maintenance program on a schedule convenient for you, whether it’s quarterly, semiannually or annually — no obligation or upfront fees, simply schedule and pay per visit
  • Cleaning of the roof and gutters
  • General roof inspection
  • Removal of moss and debris
  • Pressure-washing

Take advantage of our fully licensed crews’ expertise and experience to keep your roof in top shape and to ensure that potential problems are identified early and quickly.


Don’t let a small problem grow into a costly one that may require an entire roof replacement. Call our experienced roofers and get peace of mind!